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High Country provides several lines of high-quality product, centered around the Electric Fencing industry, and now branching out into the Roadside Safety market. Our staff can assist you with design help, product recommendations, and even grazing system and livestock containment, watering and weighing design. We are Equine containment specialists, and have long been recognized as a leader in Wildlife control as well, both exclusion and containment.

Our staff includes Territory Managers that can assist you both on the phone or on site with your particular needs. Call or email us today!

One  of the first wildlife fences that High Country worked on was for bears, way back in 1988.  The concerns are the same - how do I keep bears out of my chickens, cabins, tents, apple tree, etc.?  Wildlife fencing is a big part of what High County Ag Marketing does with experienced, educated designs and consulting.  We've learned that there is a golden rule for bears.  Don't Annoy the Bear.  More power and a good fence design are the important factors. 

Elk herd moving through a 52" tall High-Tensile Electric Bison fence.  Their thick, hollow hair prevents a shock and allows them to pass freely through the fence.  Note the Solid Rod Fiberglass post's flexibility, and the moderate wire tension - both of which are keys to lower maintenance.

Video courtesy of the University of Wyoming Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit. 

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